When Stig Bloch in the spring of 2005 sat under a gas heater at a café in Aarhus with glowing hot ears and cold toes, he got a brilliant idea. An idea that shortly after came to be called Mensa Heating. Why not place the heat source by the legs, so the heat naturally spreads to the rest of the body, and experience a more pleasant heat? And why not use an energy source that does not strain the environment as much as the CO2 sinner gas?
This was the foundation of Mensa Heating. The patio heaters are the only of its kind that has Safe Touch, which means that Mensa Heating’s products are among the safest patio heaters in the world! Today Mensa Heating sells globally to both the HoReCa- and retail markets. NSH NORDIC A/S is the retail distributor in Denmark for Mensa Heating.