Football goal Legend 300 x 200 x 90 cm with sharp shooter Salta

Become a legend! Salta Legend football goals are specifically developed for future football professionals. Train your football skills or work on your keeper know-how.
The sturdy frame is made out of high-quality galvanized steel and provided with a matt black coating. This gives the goal a robust appearance. The fine-meshed structure also contributes to the sleek and modern appearance of the goals. A definite eye-catcher for every garden, street or football field! The goal is easy to assemble and comes complete with an anchor set for extra strength and safety. Attach the goal simply to the ground to avoid falling over due to hard shots and gusts of wind. The goal can also be disassembled quickly for storing or transport.

Salta Legend football goals guarantee endless hours of training and entertainment. Professional and still affordable!

Including Sharp shooter training screen with hook-and-loop fastening that attaches to your football goal - used for practicing precision, or just for friendly competition.

Soft and fine-meshed weatherproof net for prolonged use
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Durable steel frame with a matt black powder coating
Increases technical skills
Anchor set for extra strength included
Available in three different sizes

Rec. price incl. VAT DKK

Item Number 807-504
Net weight 33.3 kg
Gross weight 36.6 kg
Volume 0.11583 m3
Gross depth 0.33 m
Gross width 1.17 m
Gross height 0.3 m
DB-nr. 2335752
EAN 8719425451275
Dimension 300 X 200 X 90 CM
Height 200 cm
Width 300 cm
Depth 90 cm
Brandname Salta
Color Black
Material Steel
Surface Powder coated
Amount per pallet 8 pcs

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