NSH NORDIC cares about the environment

NSH NORDIC is PEFC and FSC® certified, which is your guarantee for buying wood/timber products with a clear conscience. You are also making sure that no more trees are being felled than the forest can reproduce.

NSH NORDIC is a member of ’elretur’, a private, non-profit organization, which in 2005 was formed by the electrical and electric industry in Denmark, in order to help their member companies handling the producer responsibility when it comes to electronic waste.

elretur's purpose is to help their member with their producer responsibility (EPR). This includes handling, collecting and processing end-of-life products responsibly.

Environmentally friendly products
NSH NORDIC is the only company among the Nordic countries that offer PVC-free, plastic coated garden fences with a 15-year surface warranty.

PVC-free garden fencing saves the environment from the load associated with the production and waste disposal. The fence is developed and produced in the EU

NSH NORDIC is also the only company among the Nordic countries that offer ground spears made of recycled PET bottles. The ground spears are at the same time 40 % stronger than the traditional, galvanized ground spears. The ground spears are developed and produced in the EU.

Our wide range of infrared patio heaters also helps to save the environment for 2/3 of the CO2 that is emitted compared to a traditional gas patio heater. At the same time the consumer saves up to 2/3 of the energy costs and gets a better heat.

We are always working on increasing the amount of environmentally friendly products. Our robinia posts and raw wood products are thus worth mentioning.

Our goal is to reduce the usage of packaging throughout the value chain as well as recycle as much packaging as possible. We are thus continuously working on optimizing the packaging our products to what is strictly necessary. Among other things, our wire fence rolls are not wrapped in plastic since the product both appears nicer without the plastic, while avoiding that condensation forming on the inside of the plastic sheet, which can ultimately cause the product to corrode.

NSH NORDIC commits to social responsibility
Through its membership in BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), NSH Nordic takes responsibility for ensure responsible working conditions in our entire supply chain.

The factories are carefully selected and audited on ongoing basis in order to ensure orderly and responsible conditions; so that the products can be sold with a clear conscience.