NSH Nordic Ltd is situated in the industrial area of Brædstrup, Denmark, and was founded in 1988 by Preben and Christel Norup. The company started as a small farm outlet specializing in sheep supply products, but has since then undergone a rapid and exciting development.

Today NSH Nordic Ltd develops and sells approved products in fencing, indoor and outdoor play, weather stations, house and garden – both their own brand and private label.

The products are imported from both the Far East and Europe, and sold to builders merchants, retail chains and distributors throughout the Nordic countries.

NSH Nordic Ltd offer the largest range of products in the Nordic countries for all types of fencing – including  wild fences for the Danish motorways sections.

In addition to a wide range of fences and accessories, NSH Nordic Ltd is the only Nordic supplier of Jungle Gym’s popular range of outdoor play towers, modules and accessories for private use, Hy-land playgrounds approved for public use, and Ventus´ digital weather stations.

NSH Nordic Ltd has a sales office in Sweden and Finland in order to be even closer to their customers in Scandinavia. The company employs approximately 40 dedicated employees, who work every day to provide our customers with the best service possible.

The logistics are controlled from an approximately 10,000 m2 large warehouse in Brædstrup, where the company also has 15,000 m2 of outdoor space. To ensure the most efficient logistics, the latest technology and inventory management is applied, and several modes of transportation are offered in order to always meet the individual customer’s requests and demands.

NSH Nordic is still 100 % owned by Preben and Christel Norup, but is run today by a Managing Director and a professional Board of Directors.

The Company
NSH Nordic is divided into two separate sales divisions with their own sales and purchasing function; retail/e-commers and project sales respectively.

Our retail/E-commerce division works with builders merchants, hyper markets, supermarkets and online distributors in the Nordic countries.

We develop, stock and sell products in fencing, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and home and garden. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop the product categories as well as the merchandising presentations in stores. Due to our many years of experience, we create the best solution for our customers – every time!

We stock a large amount of products, which can be ordered for immediate delivery – both to physical stores and as a drop-shipment directly to the consumer. Our logistics solutions are very flexible, which means we offer our own solutions, and allow our customers to bring their own custom-made solution into our logistics setup.

With our wide range of stocked products, we can combine several products into one item number - e.g. a sandbox including sand and a net (3 items in 1), and ship the product directly to the consumer. That way, we can help both our customers and consumers to do a "one-stop shopping".

Project Sales
Our project division works with fence contractors, foresters associations, contractors, landscape gardeners and similar customers.

With our many years of experience in the fencing industry, we provide a broad knowledge and a broad product range for our customers.

We stock a large range of products that can be ordered for immediate delivery. In addition to our large basic product range, we continuously develop new products and new ideas in close cooperation with our customers.

Our many years of experience and cooperation with manufacturers across Europe, means that we can supply materials for any given project.

NSH Nordic Ltd develops, stocks and sell products in fencing, outdoor and indoor play, weather stations, house and garden. We do so in close cooperation with our customers – both when it comes to projects and retail solutions – regardless of the scope of your project.

We provide our extensive knowledge and experience, so that together  with the customer, we come up with the right solution – every time!

We know what is required of a professional and modern wholesaler; ranging from e-commerce solutions, product range, and logistics setup.

Vision – Retail
We want to be the preferred partner in customized e-commerce solutions for fencing, indoor and outdoor play and gardening in the Nordic countries.

Vision – Project
We want to be the preferred Nordic supplier of  fence materials for forest, agriculture and major construction projects.

At NSH Nordic Ltd, we practice good management, which is to form the basis for a good working environment as well as business opportunities and growth. The road towards a good working environment is acceptance of diversity, which is expressed in daily life by active listening, constructive feedback, trust and tolerance. Through good management, we will do our best to eliminate internal and external weaknesses in the company.

Management is practiced with clear messages and objectives in order to create greater determination with well-defined roles and responsibilities. The manager’s task is to delegate as much as possible; in order to develop and challenge the individual employee. The employee is provided with the necessary skills and tools, and in return, the manager expects that the task will be carried out efficiently and satisfactory.