NSH NORDIC A/S develops and sells approved products within the range of fence, outdoor playground and weather stations respectively own as well as private label.

NSH NORDIC A/S can with the widest range, efficient logistics solutions and personal presence in Denmark as well as in selected export markets, offer B2B customers a flexible and safe delivery of our products.


NSH NORDIC A/S will be the preferred supplier of products for house and garden with an international reach.

Good Management in NSH NORDIC A/S

At NSH NORDIC A/S, we practice Good Management, which will form the basis for a good working environment and some business opportunities and growth. The road to a good working environment is acceptance of diversity, which in everyday life is expressed in active listening, constructive feedback, trust and tolerance. Through Good Management we will do our best to eliminate internal and external weaknesses of the company.

Management is practiced with clear messages and objectives in order to create greater determination with clearly defined responsibilities and powers. The manager's job is to delegate as much as possible, in order to develop and challenge the individual employee. The employee is added the necessary skills and tools in the expectation that the task is carried out efficiently and satisfactorily.


NSH NORDIC A/S was founded in 1988 by Preben and Christel Norup. It all started with a small farm outlet specializing in sheep accessories, and at the time the name was Norup Fåregrej (Norup Sheep Accessories). During the last years, the company has undergone a rapid development, the small farm outlet is closed, and today we are among the largest suppliers of fencing, outdoor playgrounds for private use and digital weather stations in Scandinavia.

We sell our products through agents and the retail trade all over Scandinavia. The logistics is controlled from our logistics centre in Brædstrup, where we have more than 10,000 m2 of storage buildings as well as 15,000 m2 of outdoor facilities. To ensure efficient logistics weuse the most up-to-date technology within storage and logistics management, and we also offer several different forms of transport so that we can accommodate the requirements of the individual customer.

In 2010 we set up a sales office in Sweden and in 2012 we set up a sales office in Finland in order to get even closer to our customers in Scandinavia. We employ about 30 dedicated employees who work every day to give our customers the best service.