Weather station W850. WiFi, wind, rain and 10 days weather forecast VENTUS

Energimærke for Weather station W850. WiFi, wind, rain and 10 days weather forecast VENTUS
VENTUS W850 - the ultimate weather station with WiFi for the discerning weather enthusiast. Large and nice and clear color display with indication of 10 day weather forecast, temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors, air pressure, sun and moon rise and fall, wind speed and direction, chill factor, heat index, rain per hour, day, week, month and total.UV index, light intensity and more. Weather information comes from the outdoor 7 in 1 sensor with a large tiltable solar panel or from the PWL platform where you can see real time local weather forecasts and retrieve your weather information. Weather stations support up to 7 additional sensors, such as ground sensor, pool sensor and temperature/humidity sensors.

10 day weather forecast
Wi-Fi weather information from ProWeatherLive (PWL) platform
Displays local visibility and cloud cover
Weather information from wireless 7 in 1 outdoor sensor with large tiltable solar panel
Clock, calendar, day of week and moon phase
Sun rise and fall, moon rise and fall
Alarms, including ice alarm
Historical bar chart for air pressure, daily precipitation, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity
Indoor temperature with comfort indicator
Outdoor temperature with chill factor, heat index, wind chill, dew point and humidity
Wind speed or gusts (mph, m/s, km/h, knots)
Beaufort and wind level
Wind direction real time 360 degrees
UV index, as well as how long should I max. stay in the sun
Light intensity (Klux, Kfc, W/m2)
Rain per: hour, day, week, month and total
Barometric air pressure (hPa, inHg, mmHg)
Minimum / Maximum information since last reset or on a daily basis
Weather alerts via PWL server Auto dim function for backlight
Supports other sensors. Such as pool sensor, ground sensor, extra temperature sensors etc.
Adapter included. Batteries: Display 1 x CR2032 back up (not included), outdoor unit 3 x AA (not included)
Product size: 217 X 153 X 24 mm (W x H x D)

Following items fits W850:
W048 Temperature sensor
W049 Ground sensor
W050 Pool sensor

Rec. price incl. VAT DKK

Item Number W850
Net weight 2.5 kg
Gross weight 3.3 kg
Volume 0.0252 m3
Gross depth 0.45 m
Gross width 0.16 m
Gross height 0.35 m
DB-nr. 2357467
EAN 5705858722498
Dimension 217 X 153 X 24 mm
Battery Temp sensor 3 x AA
Brandname VENTUS
Color Black
Amount per pallet 28 pcs

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