Weather station W154

Energimærke for Weather station W154

The following VENTUS weather station is designed to give you as much local weather information as possible – be it from your terrace, garden or balcony. A simple, timeless and manageable display shows wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, humidity and temperatures sent from the wireless outdoor sensor. Additionally, you will get weather forecasts, radio controlled clock with alarm, rain, wind chill etc.

Weather forecast with five different symbols
Time: radio controlled time and date as well as an alarm function
Wind speed: displayed in knots, km/h and mph. Beaufort scale 1-12
Rain: daily, in total and over time and an alarm function
Air pressure: measured in mb/hPa, inHg, mmHg and trends
Temperature: indoor and outdoor
Moon phase
Display: 2 x AA
Outdoor sensor: 2 x AA
Weather station dimensions in total: H: 15,5 x W 7,4 x D: 11,1 cm.
Display dimensions: (LCD): H: 11,1 x W 7,4
Cable length (Temp. and Wind sensor) 9,5 m 

Rec. price incl. VAT DKK

Item Number W154
Net weight 2.1 kg
Gross weight 2.2 kg
Volume 0.024123 m3
Gross depth 0.33 m
Gross width 0.43 m
Gross height 0.17 m
DB-nr. 2275137
EAN 5705858719122
Battery Display 2 x AA
Battery Temp sensor 2 x AA
Brandname VENTUS
Color Gray
Material Plastic
Amount per pallet 40 pcs

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