The company Tåsinge Kokillestøberi A/S has cast in aluminium since 1974, and was primarily a subsupplier for the danish industry, where they among other things cast parts for lamps, engines and minigolf clubs. In 1999 they got the idea of supplementing the production with caps for fence posts and poles. The name Kokille (ingot mold in Danish) was chosen as a brand, since it could open up for knowledge about ingot molding. The post caps have since moved from being a small niche to being the biggest part of the production with sales in both Europe and USA.
When the caps were launched in USA, it was clear that the name Kokille would not work. The name QuickCap by Kokille was therefore introduced.
The caps have also inspired the idea to develop a new musical instrument Aluphone, read more about this at